Web Traffic Analysis

Our Web Traffic Analysis software allows you to fully evaluate the traffic on your site. Each week, you receive a summary of the visits your site has received. But, that is just the tip of the iceberg! You can also log onto the software where you have a lot more information available:

  • How did your viewers find your site?
  • What page did they land on?
  • How long did they remain on your site?
  • In what Country/State/City are your vitors located?
  • What was the last page on your site that they visited?
  • What documents on your site did they download?
  • and more ...

Because we believe that the number of visitors to your site should not be public information, our tracking software is invisible to the visitor to your site. Only you and Xpertwebs have this information.

With the information available from the Web Traffic Analysis, we are in a position to take this information and refine your site to be more efficient in portraying the information that is most important to you.